3 Job Search Red Flags

Searching for a job is an equally exciting and stressful process. If you are desperate to get hired, you might overlook red flags that a job isn’t right for you. This can leave you with a job that makes you feel miserable. Don’t make this mistake! You deserve a job that is a good fit for you and helps you grow both personally and professionally. Here are the top red flags for job seekers that you should watch out for.

  1. Your Potential Boss Is Rude

Your boss at any job will have a significant impact on your daily quality of life. Supervisors determine what type of projects you will get, how much recognition you will receive, and future raises. These decisions directly affect your satisfaction and professional development. If your potential manager is disrespectful during the interview process, don’t assume his or her attitude will get better when you’re hired.

  1. The Company Has Overwhelmingly Terrible Reviews

While online reviews aren’t always completely reliable, you should consider them. Every company might have one or two bad reviews from disgruntled employees, but if there is a significant amount of negative reviews, you should probably pay attention and reconsider your choices.

  1. Bad Interview

Sometimes it can be difficult to recognize a bad interview if you’re only focused on getting hired. Here is how to tell if an interview went bad:

  • The interviewer asks inappropriate questions about your marital status or whether you have children.
  • There was no clarity on job responsibilities and/or who you would directly report to.
  • You get offered the job immediately and are pressured to accept it on the spot.
  • You aren’t informed about your potential salary, benefits plan, or company rules.

These are surefire signs of a bad interview. If you notice these, you might want to search for a job somewhere else. For more help with your interviews, read our blog posts on entry level job interview tips and what to expect at the second interview.

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