3 Networking Questions to Ask on LinkedIn

A strong social media presence is a real asset in today’s world. Not only does social media allow you to reconnect with friends, but sites, such as LinkedIn, can help you find a job. Naturally, you would not want to ask someone over LinkedIn , “Can you get me a job?” However, there are useful networking questions to ask that allow you to network with professionals in a given field and get your foot in the door.

  1. How Did You Get Your Start?

This is an excellent networking question to start off a conversation. The answer to this networking question provides you with insight into how you can get started in a certain industry. If the professional you are speaking with has a job you hope to attain one day, then this question provides you with guidance into how to potentially obtain that job yourself.

  1. What Are Your Thoughts Regarding [Blank]?

You should fill in the blank with something trending in the professional’s industry. Perhaps you want to hear their thoughts on a new piece of legislation or a new product that could be making big waves soon. This is a great way to receive an impassioned response. You are also doing yourself a favor because you are demonstrating your knowledge about a given field.

  1. How Can I Assist You?

You do not want to ask for a job during your first interaction. However, you can position yourself as a valuable resource later on. You may end up hearing that this professional is looking for a certain employee. That employee may not be you, but you may be able to recommend someone else who would be a better fit. Helping out in this way, positions you as a great resource.

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