3 Things Recruiters Look for on Your LinkedIn Profile

Being active on social media can help out greatly as you look for a new job. A LinkedIn profile is one of the most advantageous career based profiles. However, you want more than to just set up a basic page. You want to ensure these three essential things are present on your profile, so hiring managers know you have what it takes to excel at their company.

  1. Accomplishments

When writing about your previous work history, it can be easy to get in the habit of simply talking about the basic duties you had at each place of work. The things you really need to talk about are things you accomplished. Exceeding a sales goal or earning an award would fall under this category. Include two or three tangible achievements so that hiring managers know you have made a difference in your employment history.

  1. No Red Flags

You do not want a LinkedIn profile that works against you in your job search. A single red flag might be enough to make a hiring manager take you out of consideration. Some common red flags include:

  • Inappropriate language
  • Frequent job hopping
  • Clearly inflated job titles
  • “Liking” an inappropriate status or article
  1. Overall Qualifications

Whether you are applying for one job at a time or several, you want your LinkedIn profile to contain all skills and qualifications you possess that would be an asset in the role. This involves more than simply saying you are a “team leader.” Instead, you would want to point to specific examples of times you led a team to success. This usually entails updating your LinkedIn fairly frequently, but it is worth it in the long run.

Dedicating a lot of time to writing your resume is important, but you want to also give enough attention to other resources. LinkedIn has become a popular way for hiring managers to locate new hires.  Visit our LinkedIn profile to learn more about our opportunities.