5 Office Productivity Boosting Perks

When it comes to working together effectively, nothing goes further than showing appreciation for your employees. Office perks are essential to making your team feel appreciated. Ultimately, this will make a difference in morale and productivity. If you know that your employees could benefit from some added incentive, then you’ll want to check out these tips to boost your team’s happiness and productivity. Little perks such as these can go a long way in getting the best from your entire workforce.

Serve Good Coffee

Many people like to kick off their day with a piping hot cup of Joe. Don’t settle for the cheap stuff when it comes to the coffee bar. Instead, invest in quality coffee and tea so that your employees know that you are going the extra mile to give them a little added comfort.

Bring in Food

No matter what your budget may be, you should try to treat your team at least once a month to an in-office lunch. Some companies have the means to go all out with catering once a week, but even an occasional pizza will improve productivity. Nothing brings people together quite like food can, so take advantage of that!

Create Rewards

Some managers cringe at the idea of rewards because it means a cost investment. However, rewards don’t have to be expensive! Prizes could be as simple as earning a title, receiving a small gift, or even some extra time off. Giving your employees something to work toward will keep them fresh and invested in the workplace.

Health Incentives

Workplaces that invest in their employee’s health always produce better results. You can create a health challenge program, office sports team, or just incentivize healthy choices so that employees feel motivated about their health. A healthy employee can give more of themselves to the workplace and, in turn, increase productivity.

Plants are Perks, too!

Being around plants and greenery can improve employee productivity by 15% or more. Introducing plants to your office, placed where everyone can see them – can improve memory, reduce stress and boost creativity.

It doesn’t take much to boost your team’s happiness and productivity. People just want to know that their workplace cares about them. Add in a few extra perks and your employees are much more likely to come to work happy and give their best effort.

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