Important Accounting Interview Questions

Today’s candidate-driven job market has created unique challenges for hiring managers looking for skilled finance and accounting professionals.  For this reason, it is imperative to have a wealth of accounting interview questions that will allow you to evaluate the skill levels of job candidates. Their verbal and non-verbal responses will reveal their confidence levels regarding accounting fundamentals.

We have compiled some accounting interview questions below — and what you should look for in the answers:


“What methods do you prefer for estimating bad debt?” “Why”

The candidate’s answer will reveal their understanding of the most commonly used methods.

“Is it easier to commit fraud using a journal entry or a ledger?”

A candidate with training specific to fraud analysis or auditing should be able to offer a thorough explanation with examples.

“What Enterprise Resource Planning systems have you used?”

Their answer will let you know if there is any training needed on the software used by your company.  If they can’t name any ERP systems, then you know the candidate might not have the experience that you need.

“What challenges have you had in leading a team through a project?”

The answer will reveal the candidate’s critical thinking skills and give you an overview of their leadership techniques.

“What do you consider the most important skills of an accountant?”

The candidate’s answer will give you a snapshot of their business knowledge, technology skills and leadership abilities.

“Give me an example of how you would explain a complex accounting process.”

Their explanation will display their level of communication. A top-notch accounting professional should be able to simplify information for non-accounting employees.

“Describe a time you’ve made an accounting error and how you handled it.”

Everyone makes mistakes.  What counts are the lessons learned from them.  And how they managed their mistake.

“How do you evaluate the reliability of financial information?”

What methods did the job candidate design to check for errors or quality control problems?  Use their answer to evaluate their attention to detail and accuracy.

“What are your thoughts regarding the new tax changes and lease accounting standard?”

These accounting interview questions explore their knowledge of current affairs in their industry.

Situational Interview Techniques

Put together a situational question that may arise in your accounting department.  This tactic will help you gauge the job applicant’s ability to quickly think through a scenario relevant to your company.

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