Adding a Big Data Expert to Your Finance Team

Advances in technology are expanding the amount of data available to businesses. Although software systems are keeping pace with the demand for increased analytics, the same cannot be said for available human know-how. Simply put, a good big data expert is a valuable commodity.

A Big Data Expert Adds New Dimensions to a Finance Team

Companies are seeking financial expertise that moves them into the future while assuring stability. Big data analytics skills are in high demand because of the ability to forecast trends that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Multiple sectors, from entertainment and healthcare, to manufacturing and beyond, benefit from big data insights. Being able to merge business-specific knowledge with big data analytics capacity will make your finance team shine once it has this talent.

Hire from the Outside or Build from Within

High demand for big data experts creates the inevitable competition situation. Finance teams with the most attractive salary/benefit packages and work environments win out. Those who are building their capacity and client base are left to explore other avenues. Building your team’s big data skills from within has multiple advantages.

  • Investing in engaged employees generates further commitment. As specific team members take on this new role, others can advance, increasing team capacity.
  • Your finance team already knows the business’s client base and internal systems. Training from within limits disruption while adding strength.

Select and Prepare Team Members for Big Data Duty

Begin today to propel your finance team to be the next wave of big data experts. You already know the skills and potential of each of your employees. Recruit those who:

  • Think critically and strategically. Their objectivity and forecasting savvy mean they can clearly see patterns others miss.
  • Have high level technical skills and can advance the team’s IT functions to keep pace with emerging information.
  • Communicate well with the ability to explain complex information to other team members and departments.

Prepare your emerging big data expert(s) by:

  • Hiring a big data consultant to mentor your team members.
  • Funding continuing professional education (CPE) for training.
  • Upgrading your information system to keep up with your team!


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