Becoming A More Productive Employee

Most people are not as productive as they would prefer for two reasons: They have negative habits that interfere with their productivity, and they are reactive instead of proactive. Causing them to spend much of their time trying to keep up with fires.

The solution is to replace negative habits and reactive patterns with positive habits that will allow them to be proactive and take charge of their work days.  The goal is to think of productivity or being “effective” in relation to you and the habits you choose to adopt.

Here are a few habits to try.

Walk Away from the Task at Hand

Effective people often leave a task incomplete for a while. Yes, you read that right! They walk away mid-sentence, or before the spreadsheet or meeting agenda is complete.

Why does this work?

  • The task’s process continues, even as you clear your head.
  • You’ll get fresh insights as your energy is revitalized.

Manage Your Time and Attention

The human mind works in cycles. Research suggests that our days are driven by 90 minute to 120 minute cycles that affect our alertness and productivity.    In the beginning of the cycle, we feel  energetic and focused, and towards the end of the cycle, we begin to feel  fatigued.   Learning what your cycle is can you help you work more efficiently. Use your peak times for projects that involve problem-solving, complex thought, and critical decisions.  If you attempt these projects when you’re not in your peak time, you will struggle and not work as effectively.

To learn what your cycle is first, record what you have accomplished in an hour.  Secondly, rate your energy levels.  Lastly, repeat this for three weeks to get a reliable read of what your cycle trend is.

Set Small Productive Goals

Having several large projects on our calendar can feel overwhelming. However, if you break-up  each large project into smaller tasks, you will be more in control and productive.  Those bigger projects will seem less overwhelming.

Stop Multi-tasking

Research shows that multitasking is incredibly inefficient.  Each time that you switch it takes your brain a moment to refocus entirely on the new project.  This  makes multi-tasking an extremely inefficient method of completing projects.

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