Benefits That Top Applicants Want

You and your business competition are acutely aware of today’s competitive job market. There are more available positions for accounting and finance professionals than there are qualified applicants. This factor makes it imperative to find and keep high performing employees. And a healthy benefits package will help ensure that you attract and keep the best and brightest talent.

Stay Up to Date with Benefit Trends

Although more companies are considering a number of work/life balance benefits, information as we head toward 2020, looks quite traditional.  A recent MetLife study reveals that 81% of employees indicate that health insurance is a “must-have.”

This same study also reports an increase in employees who believe their employers have a responsibility toward their “health and well-being.”  This study further notes the value employees place on retirement plans and paid time off.

Recruit Benefit Providers Too!

Knowing this information, it is time to assess your current benefits as you plan for the future. One step toward assuring your options will attract and retain talent is to offer the best plans. That is, those with the best cost-benefit ratios for your business and employees. One approach is for your HR department or benefits administrator to engage in active recruitment of benefit providers.

Whether the benefits administration is done in-house or outsourced, you will want to:

  • Assure that employee satisfaction rates related to benefits are collected and reported to leadership.
  • Learn about usage rates and anticipated changes for the coming year.
  • Anticipate potential changes related to state and federal mandates.

Back to Benefits for Recruitment and Retention

Having the best benefits available for your employees is one step toward recruitment and retention. The next is to assure that employees, customers, and the general public know about your commitment. After all, the health and well-being of your staff influence that of the community. This information in itself will bring top performers to your door!

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