Big Business or Small? Finding the Job That Suits You

Small and large businesses vary in many ways, not the least of which include accounting and finance jobs. Each environment offers different opportunities for growth and stability, yet not without their limitations. Here, we will look at some of the ways in which small and large businesses operate their finances, as well as the roles accounting professionals play in each job market.

Small Business, Big Job Responsibility

Many small companies do not have the resources to staff an internal accounting and finance department, which means small business accountants often have wide-reaching responsibilities. Without a team to conduct data entry, analysis and reporting, these roles often fall upon a single individual.

Without a corporate hierarchy making judgments, small business accountants have more control and oversight over financial decisions. For some, this can be overwhelming, but others welcome the opportunity for growth and experience. When we recruit for small businesses, we seek individuals who are looking to take initiative when faced with professional challenges.

The Benefits of Big Business Jobs

Large corporate organizations offer an entirely different range of opportunities and challenges for accountants. In big business, there is often an established corporate ladder with designated roles and responsibilities. While this limits some opportunities for employee initiative, it does provide a network of support and a clear path for upward or lateral mobility. Additionally, larger companies generally have better bargaining power over employee benefits, including insurance plans and pensions. Typically, big businesses provide increased job stability and a greater number of perks.

Understanding Your Professional Goals

When on the hunt for finance jobs, be sure to consider what you want and expect from a company. If you want stability, increased benefits and an established corporate culture, you likely prefer big business. However, if you prefer risk-taking, self-initiative and professional challenges, then the small business route may be for you.

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