Building Astute Data Management

Due to the increased reliance on data analytics to drive initiatives and achieve business objectives, the concerns regarding data protection and ensuring its reliability is well substantiated. Additionally, many organizations still struggle with how to value and manage their data.  Take a look at the actions required to get the data management results you need.

Value the Difference Between Data and Information

From revenue and expenses to inventory and consumer experience, the accumulation of numbers can be mined for information. That process leads to insights that ultimately affect work processes, vendor relationships, hiring procedures, and customer interactions.

Use Strategic Thinking to Select Data Systems Storage

Ask well-informed questions to design data management systems. This requires strategic thinking. Call on top data analytics talent to pore over data. Equip this analyst with your management team’s top organizational challenges, financial and otherwise. This will lead to:

  • Selection of data queries to create new intersections of information.
  • The relationship between various data sets can lead to uniquely configured storage systems. Some may be maintained on the cloud whereas discreet data may be locally stored.

Consider the Benefits of Data Project Management

Move to a project management approach for data to assure your organizational information has the breadth and depth required for astute planning. A data project manager will:

  • Bring diverse departments together to make overall data management decisions.
  • Identify software and data storage systems required for sophisticated information production.
  • Articulate data storage, retrieval, and information outcomes for management.
  • Be responsive to leadership’s inquiries related to data management, information analysis, and prospective business decisions.

Build Data Management Human Resources Capacity

Business size and finance team composition can determine your organization’s readiness to adapt to new data management systems. High performers may need education and backing to upskill to project management capacity. Consider the benefits of contracting with consultants or bringing on interim expertise to:

  • Consult with leaders and managers to initiate the data management design process.
  • Mentor and participate in training current staff for expanded roles and responsibilities.


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