How to Choose Between Two Strong Job Candidates

So you’re close to filling your open position, but you have to choose between two extremely well-qualified job candidates. This is a great problem to have, but it’s important you proceed carefully to make the right decision for your company and for both job candidates.

Ask Yourself What You Need Right Now and In the Future

As you’re looking over both candidates’ qualifications and thinking about the interviews, ask yourself what your company needs most right now as well as what you’ll likely need in the future. Which candidate fits both roles? While one might have the qualifications you desire in the present, those same qualifications might not be in line with where you see your company going in the future.

Your Company Culture

Which candidate do you think will get along the best with your employees? Is there one who seems to better exemplify your company culture? You also want to feel your new employee will be well-satisfied working with your company, which goes a long way in overall job satisfaction and productivity. Think about how you feel when you’re in poor company or surrounded by people you have little in common with.

Which Job Candidate Actually Wants to Work With Your Company?

Just because you extend a job offer, there is no guarantee the candidate will accept it. For instance, you may not be able to meet an applicant’s desired salary or match the benefits and perks she or he has grown accustomed to. Think just as much about what each candidate wants in an employer as you think about what you want in an employee. You don’t want to contact one applicant to let him or her know she or he didn’t get the job only to learn the candidate you chose doesn’t want the job.

As you can see, there’s a lot of thought that goes into deciding between two top candidates. If the above suggestions aren’t enough, remember that Beacon Resources is always here to help.