Common Resume Gaffes

Resume gaffes can put a halt to your career advancement, regardless of how well educated, skilled, and referenced you are. Be on the lookout for these resume gaffes that could derail your job hunt and chances for career success.

Worn Out Clichés

Worn out clichés are like your old, comfy jeans. They belong in after-hours gatherings, rather than the workplace. Better to get to the point, noting your abilities in measurable terms, rather than overwhelm the hiring manager with overused jargon.

Vocabulary Misuse

Call it misuse or misspelling, some words can slip-up the best of us. For example, hitting send before noticing the dreaded error of typing “their” in the place of “there”, or “they’re.”   Although, you know the difference, resume gaffes like this can easily slip-in when we are typing quickly.

Font Size and Style Matter

Focus on these two points! First, your resume needs to be easily read by the automated resume screening software. Once it is approved for HR to review, it needs to stand out. Clear, crisp font style in a healthy size will make your resume shine. As it’s a short read, a sans serif font like Calibri is an apt choice. Go no smaller than font size 11, preferably at a minimum of 12.

Second, select a simple design style. Pick one with a good balance of text and ‘white space’ that is not dominated by design elements.

Focus on the Job at Hand

Applying for a new position can feel like a full-time job, in itself. When done well, it can be well worth your effort. Refine your  résumé for each position. Select keywords from the job description to highlight your experience and skills. Using care to assure your résumé truly represents your skills will reap professional rewards.

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