Creating a Successful New Hire Orientation Program

After you have hired someone, don’t simply unleash them to figure things out on their own. A new hire orientation program can help your new hires better understand how their job fits into your overall mission.  The first few months in a job are crucial for new hires in establishing positive mindsets about their duties, co-workers and the company.  New hire orientations are essential to ensuring that new hires are successful and also boosting employee retention. New hire orientation planned for this early period must not only provide job-related information but also foster a clear understanding of your firm’s philosophy and core values.

Here are some strategies to think about when you are building a new hire orientation program.

Host a New Hire Orientation Reception 

It is important for new staff to meet the people that they will be working with. This is beneficial for everybody to put names and faces together and to help them effectively collaborate in the future. It is also important for everybody to share what their roles are and how they might be complementary to the new employee.

Assign a Mentor for a Year

These longer commitments from your existing staff will help to integrate employees as they work through a steep learning curve. Showing that you are putting a major investment into the new employee can also help motivate them because they can see that you are putting in significant resources for their success.

Be Clear About the Position

It is important to reiterate what the day to day tasks are for the position. You should also tie in the overall mission, emphasis on a work-life balance, and how they can measure their success in the company. Clear expectations and guidance can help any employee quickly integrate into the team.

Help them Align with the Company

Employees are a company’s most important asset. Assuring that employees feel their personal strengths can be demonstrated in their current position will help them function more effectively. Talk to them about the things that they like in their work environment. Strive to match employees with their strengths.

Start Career Development Early

When employees can see that they have a future with the company, retention and productivity are higher. They are more apt to be invested in the company’s mission and strive for a deeper understanding of the projects they work on.

New hire orientation periods can greatly increase a company’s overall success. With some simple guidance, you’ll set your employees on the right track.