Employee Onboarding Plan

Finding great candidates for your organization is only one part of building a skilled accounting and finance team. Your new employee onboarding process is a critical factor in ensuring that new hires will be productive, loyal and happy.  Employee onboarding should not be confused with orientation, which refers to the completion of documentation and routine tasks.  Onboarding is the process of integrating a new hire with your company and its culture, as well as giving them the information needed to become a productive team member.  Employee onboarding is not a first-day, first-week or first-month event. It needs to be a strategic process that lasts at least a year.  Plan well and you’ll lessen the potential for frustration.

Demonstrate Your Organization’s Digital Capability

Today’s onboarding processes include assurances that new employees sign off on regulated and business policies. One benefit is that new finance staff learn that your business is well-digitalized. This, combined with reasonable time frames for document review, limits the stress of sit and read. Your new staff completes their first days knowing that your business is forward-thinking and staff-focused.

Employee Onboarding Meet and Greets

Break up the monotony and isolation of reviewing and signing off on documents with meet and greet exchanges. Personalize the onboarding process to enrich the new employee experience.

  • Assure that new staff meets personnel from various departments, especially those with whom they’ll work periodically.
  • Introduce new employees to upper-level managers, leaders, and prospective mentors. Doing so is respectful of all involved.
  • Keep it real by making time for informal interactions.

Give New Employees Work Time

Today’s new staff are eager to get to work and share their abilities. They are tech-savvy with the ability to proficiently learn new systems. They welcome the chance of completing hands-on work during their first days with you.

  • Prepare by having tasks ready for a new staff person to take on.
  • Assign a proven mentor to guide and monitor progress.
  • Follow up regularly, upgrading work according to the new staff’s performance.

Make Time to Check-in and Get Feedback

Plan for a feedback loop, setting aside time to meet with new employees. Answer their questions, listen for concerns, and provide thoughtful feedback. This part of the process is valuable as it promotes engagement, fosters relationships, and sets the tone for the months and years to come.

Employers, if you are seeking new candidates keep in mind that, a specialized accounting and finance recruiting agency like Beacon Resources knows the marketplace and has a large database of job seekers, including many that you and other companies wouldn’t have access to on your own.