Engage Employees in Ways that Promote Peak PERFORMANCE

With accounting and finance unemployment rates hovering between one and two percent, businesses are focusing on innovative means for engaging employees. It is a given across economic sectors that when staff is motivated, it shows in their performance. Use that word, though long, as an acronym to guide steps for promoting an engaged workforce.


Create a workplace that is positive, taking steps to promote staff upskilling, while advancing system efficiencies. One outcome, that goes along with this performance enhancer is heightened customer experience.

Encouraging Performance

Leadership and managers are encouraging with their staff. Support work efforts throughout the business, seeking employee input and fresh ideas.


Coach employees to reflect on their career paths. Offer them work time to explore learning options that support skill advancement. Have managers schedule meetings to reflect on projects, bringing forth quality improvement ideas.


Welcome moments of levity and spontaneity, knowing that fun and humor lighten the day. Survey staff to learn their suggestions for fostering workplace camaraderie.


Offer growth opportunities. Ideas include professional advancement, continuing education, on-the-spot learning options, or work exchanges for skill development.

Recognition of Performance

Recognize staff contributions. It may be unwavering attendance or support of coworkers. Express gratitude or spring for a team buffet. A ready smile and head nod are acknowledged for what they are, genuine appreciation for good performance.


Decide the next steps you’ll take to further develop your supervisory skills. Let managers and staff know about your interest in mastering the art of innovative leadership. Consider if your management team will benefit from participating in the experience with you.


Assure that employee onboarding processes and performance evaluations focus on assets. Highlighting each employee’s abilities supports engagement and promotes advancement readiness.


Encourage and recognize innovation and novel ideas. Whether it’s related to work systems or new products, promoting novelty stimulates enthusiasm and motivation.


Design a workplace culture that flourishes on your business’s mission and values. Create spaces for informal meetings, walking and talking, and where creativity is welcome.


Infuse your organization with the above, plus the desired mix of perks and benefits, and you are sure to be surrounded by engaged peak performers.

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