Q2 Finance and Accounting Employment Report

The first quarter finance and accounting employment report shows favorable trends for financial professionals. Current unemployment rates for financial analysts, managers, auditors, bookkeepers and billing clerks are all below 2.5%. This is great news for the accounting and financial sector. This low unemployment rate holds implications for both employers and job seekers.

Employers, Here are Top  Candidate Attracting Tips

Accounting and finance job seekers hold the competitive edge with low unemployment rates. This demands that employers take steps to attract the most qualified, best performing candidates.

  • Analyze your current compensation and benefit packages in relation to current trends.
    • Look at national and regional data including the BLS Quarterly Finance and Accounting Employment Report.
    • Consider that candidates for top positions may relocate for advancement and lucrative opportunities.
  • Review organizational perks and update them if they are lagging behind emerging options.
    • Work/life balance is favored by many candidates.
    • Virtual office hours, extended weekends, and educational options are examples of perks that increase a company’s profile.
  • Take a critical look at your organizational culture.
    • Identify if philosophies and values are visible in your daily work.
    • Consider the importance of advancing from within.

Candidates, Use Current Trends to Advance Your Career

Your knowledge and skills are in demand. Employers from a wide variety of sectors rely on accounting and financial professionals to assure their organization is dynamic and thriving financially. As you plan for advancing your career:

  • Review employment listings to familiarize yourself with the most sought-after qualifications and requirements.
  • Consider steps to take now to build skills that advance your employment options.
  • Familiarize yourself with compensation trends to inform what you request.
  • Decide what you want in your life and career over the next five years. Use this information to:
    • Identify the salary, benefits, and perks that best align with what you want to achieve.
    • Make note of what is needed to fulfill your plan, including education, relocating to another region, or making a lateral career move.
    • Use this information during an interview to inquire about an employer’s package.
    • These points can be central to accepting an offer or negotiating for your desired terms.

Today’s most attractive employers and job candidates share common values: Work/life balance, continuous learning, and pride in excellent performance.   Job seekers, before you get too far into the job seeking process, consider your corporate culture, salary, benefits, and work-life balance preferences.

Job hunting? You’re in the right place! No matter what the Accounting Employment Report rate is, working with a finance and accounting staffing firm can help you find the right job for you.