Finance and Accounting Temporary Jobs: What to Expect

Temporary jobs are often the first rung on the career ladder of aspiring finance and accounting professionals. There are many different types of temporary positions and they are not just for job seekers at the beginning of their careers. If you are considering taking a temporary position in finance and accounting, you should know what to expect. Here are some things candidates should keep in mind when applying for finance and accounting temporary positions .

Temporary Jobs Can Become Permanent

Temporary jobs are often filled to satisfy a short-term need for a company or cover a regular employee who is on leave. In such cases, a contract will dictate the period of employment. However, temp jobs can sometimes lead to permanent positions. A company may seek a temp-to-hire candidate for a trial period with the potential of a permanent position. This is not uncommon in the accounting and finance industry.

Your Agency Will Work With You

When you seek out temp positions in accounting and finance, you will typically deal with a recruiting agency who manages the hiring process for you and conducts initial interviews. This makes your recruiter your point of contact. It also means that if you are not hired for one temp job, your agency will likely continue working with you to help you find another.

Temp Positions Can Build a Career

No matter what kind of position you seek, you can expect temp positions to boost your resume and give you valuable experience that will later benefit your career. In fact, taking a temporary job before settling into a permanent one can contribute to a varied skill set and improved confidence. These benefits make it a great career move if you want to work in accounting and finance .

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