Finance Interview Strategy

Prepare for your upcoming finance interview by selecting questions that display your ingenuity and forethought. Doing so demonstrates your ability to take initiative in the finance and accounting sectors of corporations, large and small. Your questions also expand the dialogue, likely creating a refreshing break from the usual for a hiring manager. Your enterprising inquiries will make a lasting impression.

Tips for Framing Your Finance Interview Questions

You want the questions you pose to showcase your experience, analytical abilities, and strategic thinking skills. Do so by:

  • Demonstrating your creative curiosity about the position.
  • Refraining from any appearance of arrogance.
  • Displaying the talent that you offer the organization.
    • This may include questions you pose when the interviewer discusses a challenge the business faces because of growth.
    • Highlight one of your strengths followed by a question related to the position.
    • Reveal your professional initiative with a question or two about learning opportunities.

Learn More about the Organization

Become knowledgeable about the business you are interviewing with. Ideally, along with completing the application process, you have actively learned a good deal about the business. Doing so likely raises some questions. Choose those which will give you the information you need, while showing your finance and accounting critical thinking know-how. Potential topics are:

  • Projected growth or diversification plans in the next one to five years.
  • Outstanding challenges the industry or region are facing.
  • Ways in which the organization links its values with workplace culture.

Discern What Else the Job Entails

Look beyond the job description to consider what other responsibilities it likely includes. Today’s finance and accounting professionals are being called upon for expanded roles. These include project management, staff training, and IT interfacing. Learn more by:

  • Asking if the role includes direct supervisory responsibilities.
  • Inquiring if one anticipated role is training employees in finance functions.

As you frame questions about the roles, consider the value of learning about the company’s onboarding and evaluation processes. This may include posing questions about:

  • Employees being supported in a self-evaluation process.
  • Benefits or opportunities tied with high performance.


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