Offer Your Finance Staff these Summer Perks


Spring is here with lengthening days and climbing temperatures.   In this tight job market, employers are seeking ways to  find and retain employees. In doing so, companies are getting more creative with their summer perks. Approximately 72% of employers that increased benefits cited employee retention as the reason, while 58% wanted to attract new employees, according to the Society for Human Resource Management 2018 Employee Benefits Survey. 

With summer just a month away, now’s the time to surprise your employees with an array of summer perks. Here are some fun perks that will add to your employees’ summer enjoyment without breaking the bank.

Offer Extended Weekend Options

Add a day to weekends to let staff have refreshing time off. They might stay home or head out on an overnight. Either way, that extra day makes a big difference for their plans. Negotiate this plan with extended-hour workdays or to show gratitude for exceptional performance.

Showcase a Smorgasbord of Summer Delights

Each month treat employees to a summer sampler of locally sourced produce and products. Smoothies, salads, and sampler appetizers can be presented with a festive flair that celebrates local entrepreneurs as well as your staff.

Plan Summer Flex Hours

Flexible hours allow employees to attend kids’ games, host a weeknight neighborhood BBQ, or kick back with a good book. Negotiate flex time with virtual work hours or working a long day in exchange for a short one. Request staff to coordinate their schedules, assuring that there is adequate work coverage.

Treat Them to a Team Outing

Work together to plan a relaxing, fun outing. Summer offers many options, indoors and out, for a few hours of amusement. Botanical gardens, carnivals, and various celebrations all provide unique opportunities for employees to share interests.

Dress Down Day

Allow employees who aren’t client-facing to wear more casual attire.  Casual Fridays can promote a break from the monotony of the usual workday and help employees feel more engaged with their work.

Perk Things Up with Gratitude

Saying “thank you” and showing gratitude are subtle yet meaningful ways to show appreciation. Summer will fade away. Sincere gratitude endures through all seasons.

Summer Perks Overview

Investing in your employees happiness might not seem like an obvious way to increase your margins, but in reality it is.  Happy employees who feel appreciated are more engaged.  Keep your employees happy and they will remain committed and loyal to you.


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