Vision Your Future Before the Interview


In order to avoid awkward pauses, prepare yourself ahead of time for job interview questions about your future career goals. Interview questions about your future goals are asked to determine if your career aspirations are in-sync with their company. Plus, employers like to know that you actually have ambition and some type of career plan. It isn’t necessary, or even possible to know exactly what you will be doing in five years, but you need to have some direction.  Hiring Managers also want to know that your aren’t planning on moving on to another job in the near future.

Be Realistically Optimistic in Your Interview

Leave titles out of your response. Instead focus on the pathway and steps to your success.

  • Your interest in the work, including your desire to contribute and develop new skills.
  • Your favorable impression of the company and desire for longevity as it is a progressive firm.

Tie Future Plans to Professional Values

Fact of the matter is, these questions offer you the opportunity to blend your values into your response. It’s likely you have chosen to apply for this position because you admire the organization. Link your reason for that with your values, and the next step is future visioning. If you value highly innovative, entrepreneurial work today, you very well may in five years.

Create your statement by tying together:

  • How the position reflects your professional values.
  • The ways you plan to manifest your values in the coming years.

Show that You Have Given the Topic Serious Thought

Hiring Managers appreciate prospective employees who know how to strategically connect the dots. Describe your interest in the position and the organization. This is a mature trait that benefits a business.

Focus on Being a Benefit

Employers are looking for talented workers who will learn, grow, and stay. When a business knows that you are interested in the same, your beneficial qualities stand out even more.

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