Highlighting Your Talents During a Job Interview

Many people have a difficult time talking about themselves and their talents. Yet, highlighting your talents during a job interview without boasting is an important skill to master. The following tips will guide you through balancing confident self-advocacy without going overboard.

Display Your Depth of Knowledge About the Sector

Start by highlighting your talents and knowledge by summarizing the advantages of working in the finance and accounting sector.  Doing so may be part of your answer to an interviewer’s question about why you are seeking the given position. Describing your interest in gaining more experience in given areas of the sector reveals your openness to growth.

Link the Position’s Requirements with Your Finance or Accounting Expertise

Articulate your areas of expertise by linking each with the job’s posted requirements. Doing so highlights your keen understanding of the position and how well your qualifications match the desired attributes. Use concrete examples of achievements to underscore your skills.

Show What You Bring to the Organization

Remember that you are being recruited by an organization that will have ever-increasing financial needs for expertise as it expands. Your ability to describe your performance at acquiring new technical and soft skills reveals the breadth of your talent. At the same time, stating your attraction to the business helps to solidify the interview team’s view of your potential.

Highlight Management and Leadership Outcomes

Interviews offer the opportunity to describe one’s ability to work with others. Demonstrate this attribute by presenting examples of team-based outcomes. Measures of success that led to increased consumer satisfaction with financial interfaces reveal qualitative and quantitative outcomes. Use this approach to highlight your leadership and management outcomes. This is especially important when you are interviewing for an advanced management position.

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