Hiring Managers: Watch Out for These Red Flag Personality Traits!

Learning what red flag issues to be aware of when interviewing job candidates can save you costly hiring mistakes.  Certain personality traits can limit overall performance and productivity a whopping 30-40%! Here’s a run-through of some troublesome personality traits to avoid when hiring.

Red Flag Personality Trait #1: The Negative Nay-Sayer

Keep this personality type at the top of your watch list. Their negative, gossiping, and undermining actions have pervasive consequences. One reason is that other employees often don’t stand up to this challenging type of person. Instead the negativity can spread, interfering with productivity and job satisfaction.

Red Flag Personality Trait #2: Chilly and Indifferent

Hiring managers, save your staff from the problems that ensue when working with someone who lacks empathy. This can spill over into lack of concern not only for coworkers but also for customers. Service and product quality can suffer.

Red Flag Personality Trait #3: Unprepared Candidates

Being unprepared for an interview is undoubtedly one of the worst things a job candidate can do. Doing so demonstrates apathy about the prospective work and lack of respect for others’ time commitments.

Red Flag Personality Trait #1: No Weaknesses or Too Many

Focus on the telling questions related to weaknesses to learn about a candidate’s confidence level. Someone who is confident is able to present weaknesses and areas of needed growth as well as their abilities. The overly confident individual glosses over the question. Watch out also for the person who reveals multiple weaknesses or failures as this may indicate lack of confidence.

Red Flag Personality Trait #4: Evasive or Poor References

Listen for lack of responses when you call for a candidate’s references. Doing so can feel like shadow-boxing at times. You’re doing the inquiry work with limited result. This is a sure sign of past work concerns, as is the silence after you ask, “would you rehire___?” The same applies to answered email requests for references.

Red Flag Personality Trait #5: Lacks Essential Communication Skills

Watch for the essential communication skills needed for various positions. Those needed for marketing personnel vary from those in tech positions or accounting. Despite distinctions, be on the lookout for a candidate who does not listen well, is inordinately quiet, has rambling dialogue, or goes continually off topic. These red flags can indicate lack of focus or low confidence.


The Solution:

Partner-up with an Accounting & Finance Staffing Firm.  A top rated accounting and finance staffing agency like Beacon Resources knows the ins-and-outs of the accounting and finance candidate market.  Beacon Resources has a sizable database of job seekers, including those who you won’t have access to by checking the job boards.


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