Hiring Tips from Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett

Time and time again hiring managers will go through the interview process, select an employee, and only once the person is hired is it realized that they weren’t the best fit. This can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor. In order to make the best selection, try these hiring tips that are suggested by some of the most successful businessmen of our time.

Bill Gates’ Hiring Tips

Bill Gates recently said in an interview that it would be the jobs with the most flexibility that are likely to attract the best employees. The truth is that the workforce is incredibly competitive, but not just for employees. The culture and atmosphere of companies are highly scrutinized, and those that offer more flexibility will be the type of place that attracts good people.

Jeff Bezos’ Hiring Tips

In a recent interview, Jeff recommends keeping these three measures in mind when hiring:   1. Will you admire this person?  2. Will this person raise the average level of effectiveness of the group?  3. Along what dimensions will this person be a superstar?

Warren Buffett’s Hiring Tips

Intelligence, integrity, and energy are the things that Warrant Buffet says that all good employees should have. You want people who are willing to work hard, put in the effort, and do so with the highest moral standard. If you employee people like that, then you’ll never have to worry about what is being accomplished even if you’re not around.

Hiring good people will make or break your company. Put in the effort so that good people are attracted to your company and that they will share in your vision. You have to treat your employees like the valuable people that they are. Creating an atmosphere where people feel valued will make them essential employees that will likely stay with you for many years, or even for their entire career.


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