How We Adapted Our Business Through a Crisis

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work. From new virtual interactions to changes in technology and regulations, and keeping morale up, it’s safe to say the new normal is here to stay for the foreseeable future. According to a 2020 Survey conducted by our parent company, Addison Group, 89% of hiring managers have adjusted their hiring and staffing strategies due to the pandemic.

The current remote totality has inspired a shift toward more flexible working hours, affecting how we do business and changing our mindset from the workday we once knew as “normal.”

At Beacon Resources, we quickly adapted our business processes in 2020, strategically adapting to meet the new demands of COVID-19 challenges. Here are a few takeaways we had from our experience this past year, plus an inside look into key trends to drive your organization’s success in 2021.

Leveraging Technology to Grow Relationships

One of the most significant changes in 2020 was the way we interacted with clients. While we miss interacting in person, grabbing a burger at lunch, or a drink after work with clients and colleagues, we’ve found the virtual relationship to be extremely beneficial.

It’s clear how crucial video chatting has become in this new normal. It’s a convenient, casual, and comfortable way to converse with clients and business partners — miles easier than scheduling an in-person meetup.

As we transitioned in-person relationships to the virtual video calls we know now, we found that our clients were very receptive, even making some more accessible than before the pandemic. As we all know, working in the office can sometimes bring distractions. In the past, office distractions resulted in less time working productively, tightened schedules and making it more challenging to meet. Everyone has that often-needed quiet time in a remote environment, helping them be more efficient and open up their schedules. And with a video call just a click away, meetings with clients became much more commonplace, making it simpler to plan than before.

Not only have we seen success in maintaining client relationships with the use of video, but we’ve also streamlined the interviewing process. We’re now able to more easily schedule interviews and get calendars lined up, making the interview lifecycle shorter and more seamless for both candidates and hiring managers.

Expanding Our Geographic Footprint

As a Southern California based company, we know all too well how vital a timely commute can be. Before the pandemic, you couldn’t expect someone who lives in Pasadena to commute down to Orange County — that would be a nightmare.

However, with remote work looking like it’s here to stay — at least as part of a hybrid working model — we’re able to place candidates with jobs further away from home than we previously would have been able to. Expanding jobs virtually outside of specific geographies proved invaluable, opening up a bevy of candidates’ options while giving our team of recruiters the flexibility to pair them for the perfect role.

Without the pandemic, we may have been slower to realize the benefits of a remote working world, which has given some people their dream gigs that may have otherwise been unavailable to them.

Keeping Up with Rapid Technology Changes

All these positives, however, bring some new challenges. Think back to when your company shifted to a remote environment. If you have an IT department, you know they worked hard to ensure you had the proper equipment and set up to be successful at home. Some of our clients did not have equipment on hand, such as hardware and laptops, so we took the additional steps to ensure they had what they needed to support remote work.

Many companies, especially those in finance and accounting, had to think about their financial documents and ensuring they continued to be secure during remote operations. Fortunately for Beacon Resources, we work on a secure, cloud-based infrastructure, giving us reliable access to our files and the ability to collaborate on documents with our colleagues in real-time. Our cloud storage protects us from losing data due to hard disk failure or lost devices and keeps our files safe, secure, and private.  

Planning for the Future

We’ve all become accustomed to how to operate during the pandemic successfully. Our confidence in the way we’ve been able to adapt allows us to have a positive outlook on 2021 and beyond. Not only are we used to adapting our business interactions, but we are also more resilient and ready for whatever comes next. 

Any unexpected twists and turns that may occur will seem minuscule to the change we endured this past year, preparing us for virtually anything.

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