Income Options for Retired Accountants

You may have already retired or are considering doing so in the coming year. The lure of time for travel and special interests is balanced with retirement realities. Will you have too much free time on your hands? Financially, you’re fairly secure yet you are aware that there’s wisdom in continuing to earn as able. The good news is, there are multiple options for retired accountants who want extra income!

Finance and Accounting Consulting

Low unemployment in the finance and accounting sector is a boon for retired accountants! Large and small businesses are looking for consultants to supplement their workforce, particularly during peak seasons.

Personal Consulting

Or, you’re happy to leave corporate culture behind. Options are to work part-time, part-year preparing taxes either as your own enterprise or with one already established. If doing so on your own, you can serve clients year-round, advising them on financial matters.

Adjunct Faculty

Institutions of higher learning often need adjunct faculty. Retired accountants are a natural fit for this role if they enjoy mentoring others and are able to engage learners with varied learning styles.

Online Course Designer

During your work, you witnessed the void of engaging, professional, and informative online learning options for your staff. You’re also a bit of a tech whiz. Consider designing your own online course, reaping a commission each time a budding accountant signs up.

Grants Team Member

Look into non-profit organizations that are seeking grant writers and administrators. Large projects may need part-time accounting services to track multiple revenue streams, with associated expenditures and outcomes reporting. These projects may be remotely or locally available.


Yes, this may be a modest endeavor, finally having time to devote to an avocational interest. It may be the role of private tour guide or refinishing furniture for its next life. Whatever you choose, you have a distinct advantage as an accountant. You’re aware of the tax benefits of the self-employed and the best approaches for pricing.


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