Interested in Becoming a Financial Analyst?

If you have a knack for working with numbers, you may want to consider a career as a Financial Analyst.  You will be charged with tracking equities and other financial instruments and making recommendations based on your research. Financial Analysts often work for investment firms, stock brokerages, insurance agencies, and banks.

Although there are different routes to a career in financial analysis, you will find more success if you know what employers are looking for and how they choose the best candidates.

Here are some insights and tips to guide your exploration.

Look at All that Financial Analysts Do!

These people are number wizards who worked comfortably amidst spreadsheets. Their abilities and interests have prompted the development of other assets that include:

  • Statistical analysis that guides decision-making based on significance trending.
  • Application of big data functions, from use of cloud-based data to projecting outcomes associated with performance improvements.
  • Up-to-date IT abilities that promote an organization’s data security and risk reduction, along with reporting and compliance functions.
  • Collaborative leadership skills and interpersonal abilities, supporting work across departments.
  • The ability to participate in corporate decision-making with refined presentation skills.

List Your Abilities and Interests

The role is continually evolving based on the needs of business and emerging technologies. You are a likely candidate for pursuing this role if you have some of the following:

  • An ability to see the big picture.
  • Strategic thinking skills.
  • A strong grasp of the latest technology.
  • A keen interest in statistics—the bell curve is a familiar friend.
  • An inclination toward leadership, as others see that ability in you.

Plan Your Next Steps to Becoming a Financial Analyst

Now that you’ve decided you have the prerequisites to become a Financial Analyst, it’s time for future planning. You know that there are several steps to take. Along the way, you’ll learn and gain valuable experience.

  • Build skills and gain a credential by delving into big data learning.
  • Gain experience in areas you want to strengthen.
    • Continually upgrade your business finance acumen.
    • Keep pace with IT changes. Request a work project that aids skill development.
    • Sharpen your presentation skills and comfort.

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