The Interview Process Protocol: Tips for Employers

The interview process is arguably most stressful for the job candidate, but employers also have a lot to deal with. They need to be certain they are bringing the best applicant onboard. A mistake in hiring could lead to decreased productivity in the months to come. Below are some tips for employers to have more fruitful searches.

Define the Position

You may have written the job listing, but you need to ask yourself if you truly understand what is needed to be successful in this position. Figure out what skills and experiences would be most valuable. Candidates, who have good skills, may interview, but their skills may not be quite what you need. Defining the position also allows you to ask more relevant questions to zero in on the right candidate.

Write Down Questions

You do not want the interview to end only to realize you forgot to ask something important. Second interviews and follow ups can always be conducted, but you can save yourself a lot of hassle by asking everything pertinent the first time. Make sure the questions you ask contain a mix of inquiries. There should be standard questions such as, “What is your greatest strength?” You should also ask questions about specific details found on the applicant’s resume.

Write Down Impressions Immediately

Once a candidate has left, you should quickly jot down your immediate thoughts. If you have to interview dozens of jobseekers, then they can all blur together if you are trying to remember candidates a day later. In the event there are several interviewers, you should ask them their thoughts as well, so your team can come to a general consensus.

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