Make Your First Impression Favorable

The first impression you make with a prospective employer does matter! Of course, this works both ways as you consider your impressions of the organization and its representatives. Yet, you are seeking the job thus the onus is for you to present yourself well and in a favorable light.

Be Prepared

The impression you make depends on your preparation and timeliness. Give attention to each of the following topics, even those as which you excel. There’s always something new to be gained by focusing on an important career step like interviewing for a highly desirable position.

Plan to be Early

It’s best to leave leeway for your commute. Traffic snarls and crowds can put you behind in no time flat. Getting to the interview early has benefits beyond being on time! You can:

  • Refresh and try to relax with focused breathing.
  • Review your interview notes.
  • Grab a snack to avoid mid-interview hunger.

Dress the Part

Clothes matter! Select a professional outfit that is understated. You want it to be comfortable and something that would even meet conservative dress code requirements. Assure that your grooming follows similar guidelines.

Pay Attention to Body Language

Body language nuances can be seemingly small yet make a world of difference. Convey confidence with a firm, well-timed handshake. Greet the interview manager or team with a ready, natural smile. Stand and sit straight and walk with a well-paced gait. Other tips for attending to body language are:

  • Position yourself to directly face whoever is speaking with you.
  • Use active listening behaviors.
  • Avoid fidgeting. Folding your hands helps as doing so centers and calms when feeling nervous or anxious.

Be Genuine

One of the most important interviewing tips is to be genuine. This means letting your integrity and authenticity shine. Do so as you speak about:

  • Values,
  • Commitment to the community,
  • Professional aspirations, and
  • Gratitude for opportunities, including that presented by this interview.

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