Job Interview Red Flags

You often hear about what employers are looking for during the interview process. However, likely just as important, are the things employers should look out for during a job interview. That is, what are candidates saying (or not saying) that could be potential job interview red flags. Here are a few things you should keep in mind as you go through the process of selecting your next employee.

Eye Contact – Interview Red Flags

Eye contact can say a lot about a candidate. Oftentimes, eye contact is associated with confidence and reliability.   The inability to make eye contact can be a sign of lack of interest, anxiety or even that a candidate is hiding something.  All three being interview red flags.

Inconsistent Resume -Interview Red Flags

There are numerous valid reasons that a job candidate may have gaps in their resume. However, you should be wary of individuals who are continually quitting jobs or transitioning from one career to the next. This could mean a failure to commit.

Gossip – Interview Red Flags

Sometimes, in interviews, the question may come up about why a candidate left their last place of employment. Any job candidate that focuses on the negative aspects of their role, and uses their interview time to gossip, may not be the type of team member you want around. This type of individual could negatively impact company morale.

Overqualified – Interview Red Flags

You may be excited to have a candidate that has more than enough credentials to suit the role. However, this could mean that they are simply using this position as a short-term stepping stone. You may not want to invest in someone who doesn’t plan on being with the company long-term. Make sure to clearly identify why this person would take a demotion in order to fill the role.

Arrives Late/Unprepared – Interview Red Flags

Candidates should always put effort into their interview. Arriving late, or not being prepared with questions or supporting information, could indicate that this person simply doesn’t have the drive or desire to fill the role for which they applied.

Bragging – Interview Red Flags

It’s important to find out the strengths of the candidate, but be wary of those that choose to only talk about themselves in a bragging fashion. It could indicate that they don’t work well on teams or only think about themselves instead of the company as a whole.


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