Job Interview Self-Confidence or Arrogance?


You’ve decided to explore what’s new on the finance and accounting job front. Low unemployment in the sector and healthy salaries are beckoning you to move up the ladder. You are a super candidate with a solid education, experience that shines, and energy that will last for decades. You know you’re among the best and will land the perfect position in no time flat. Wait a minute! Time to take a quick step back. Is that your self-confidence talking or is it arrogance? Best not to let enthusiasm come across the wrong way.

Was That Really in a Resume?

Boost your chances at getting called for an interview without completely bombing because of ignorance of arrogant writing. Consider out how these samples might appear to a hiring manager:

“Outstanding financial analyst able to do the work of two.”

“Experienced financial analyst interested in advancing system efficiencies for positive business outcomes.”

Sample 1 passes the arrogant writing test as sample 2 conveys confidence backed by signs of commitment.

Show Self-Confidence in a Cover Letter

Highlight your experience and interest in a position along with self-confidence. Bear in mind that innocent word choice errors can appear as arrogance rather than self-assurance.

A: “I am a bookkeeper who will soon complete an accounting degree. Your entry level accountant position in a growing local business is something I have aspired to as I’ve continued my education.”

B: “I am a bookkeeper who will soon complete an accounting degree. Your entry level accountant position is just what I’ve dreamed of as I’ve continued my education.”

Cover letter A wins out. Even though B is not overly arrogant it lacks the integrity of A. Work aspiration and commitment to the local business economy makes this a positive standout.

Who’s Doing the Talking Here?

You’ve been called to interview. Consider how to express confidence rather than arrogance.

  1. “I am applying at other places, even though I’m sure to be your best applicant.”
  2. “Yes, I am applying for other positions, even though your organization’s philosophy and values are inspiring.”


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