5 Job Interview Tips for Managers

You’ve finally become a manager, and one of your first projects is to interview new hires. To ensure you bring on the right people and show you’re ready for this level of responsibility, Beacon Resources has combined five job interview tips to help you out:

  1. Focus on the Job Description

One of the first things you should do before conducting interviews is develop a well-written job description that accurately describes the position, your company culture, the work environment and any other information you feel candidates need to know. The more accurate and honest you are, the more well-qualified candidates you receive and the less time everyone wastes.

  1. Set the Job Interview Tone

Because not every interview is conducted in the same manner, let applicants know what to expect during the proceedings. For instance, will you mainly ask questions, or will you carry on a dialogue with the candidate? In any case, you should make sure applicants feel comfortable and at ease with you.

  1. Consider Asking Others for Help

You have to remember that yours isn’t the only opinion that matters. If there are employees who will work with the interviewee if she or he is hired, then ask them what they think of the candidate and if they feel they can work with this particular person. This step also helps to take a bit of the pressure off you.

  1. Do Not Wing It

Even the most experienced hiring manager should not try to conduct an off-the-cuff interview, and that goes double for first-time managers. Know which questions are the most essential, drawing inspirations from your well-written job description as well as the candidate’s resume. Learn more about common rookie mistakes first-time managers make and how to avoid them.

  1. Stay Neutral

Interviewees are understandably nervous, but you have to remain neutral no matter how well or poorly you think the interview is going. This means not leading answers or judging responses, which can result in applicants giving you answers they think you want to hear.