Keep Your Employees from Fleeing to Competitors

Each of your employees is an investment. You invest your time, knowledge, and money to assure your organization maintains top-rate expertise. Knowing that replacing them will be costly, the last thing you need is to lose them to a competitor.

Valuable Suggestions for Keeping Your Employees from Fleeing:


Work Flexibility

This includes break times, working from home, and everything in between. Consider options that boost employee satisfaction and increase a competitive edge.

  1. Flexible schedules.
     Employees who want to pursue further studies, have more work/life balance, or attend a child’s field trip. Flexible options add value, enhancing employee satisfaction.
  2. Working from home. 
    Telecommuting can lead to decreased overhead and the ability to hire the best candidates, regardless of where they live.

Competitive Benefits

Scan job postings to learn about your competitions’ benefit packages. Offering incentives beyond typical wage/benefit packages increases your business profile.

  1. Align employee benefits with business values.
    If a healthy workforce is important, consider steps that encourage workplace wellness, such as dedicated quiet space, healthy snack options, gym membership discounts.
  2. Talent Investment.
    Supporting employees’ professional development benefits employers, too. Upgrading technology skills, attending a seminar, or supporting graduate studies.

Atmosphere and Amenities

A positive, productive workplace is uplifting and takes planning.

  1. Recognition. 
    Employees appreciate having their abilities acknowledged. Descriptive words such as “attention to detail,” “passion for what you do,” or “consistent delivery” boost morale.
  2. Encouraging Leaders.
    You’ve seen it time and again. Natural leaders are an asset. Learning what motivates them and supporting their actions are positive business practices.
  3. Special Touches Matter.
    There are offices that welcome dogs, have lounge-style meeting areas, hold dress down days.  Engaging employees in what matters to their work community supports retention

Beyond Transparency

Transparency based on integrity begins at the top.

  1. Be Open.
    Employees value being part of a business that is boldly open about its practices and plans. Keep them informed through regular updates and by sharing ideas at open forums. Also, asking for their feedback is a fantastic morale booster.

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