LinkedIn Tips That Will Get You Noticed

Truth be told, there are many finance and accounting professionals who have not taken full advantage of LinkedIn as a career advancement tool.  But they should! LinkedIn is the number one social media platform capturing the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. However, keep in mind that, creating a profile is only a small part of using LinkedIn. If you only do the minimum, you are not utilizing LinkedIn’s full potential and the odds are that you will get lost in the crowd. We have compiled some LinkedIn tips below to help guide you to success.

In order to get the most out of LinkedIn, you need to highlight your skills, experience, education and positive attributes. As well as, actively engage with people and groups. When you contribute to group discussions, your contribution will be displayed on your status updates, attracting more people. Connections are also very important, you should have at least 500 connections relevant to your industry.   If you have under 500 connections, it reflects to other LinkedIn users, including hiring managers,  that you don’t have many people who desire to interact with you professionally.   Finally be sure to update your profile with recent promotions, new skills, degrees or certifications.  These updates reflect that you are career-oriented and focused on advancement. These above mentioned LinkedIn Tips keep your name in front of other professionals who may be able to help in your career advancement.

Gain Profile Design Prowess

Pay attention to the detail that lets the world see the true professional you are.

  • Skilled use of search engine optimization (SEO) assures that recruiters find your page. To select those:
    • Pick key terms from your current job description such as “data analysis” or “P&L Management.”
    • Choose key terms from descriptions of jobs you hope for, and for which you are qualified.
  • Be headline and picture perfect!
    • Consider revamping your headline so that it goes beyond a job title. Use it to showcase your skills and aspirations.
    • Update your profile picture, assuring it conveys professionalism and approachability. According to LinkedIn, profiles with a photo are 21 times more likely to be viewed than profiles without. They are also 9 times more likely to receive connection requests.
    • Include a relevant background image that is distinct for you and your interests.
  • Update the skills section, again with SEO in mind.
  • Use the summary section to showcase your achievements and professionals goals. According to LinkedIn, recruiters consider it the most important section of your profile.
  • Add your location.  Most recruiters screen by location.  According to LinkedIn, by adding your city, you will boost your chances of being noticed by 23 times.
  • Add your education and school.  Profiles with education details receive 17 times more messages from recruiters.  However, there is no need to include your graduation year.

Job Search Management Tools

LinkedIn offers a comprehensive approach to managing your job search. Open the jobs icon and from there you can view salary ranges across the country, as you proceed to “career interests.” This is where you can turn on the “let recruiters know you are open” button and set privacy settings. Other settings offer:

  • Status of your search: pending, active, open to offers or not
  • Location options
  • Job title selection
  • Job type, such as full-time, contract, etc.
  • From there go to the “Go to Jobs” tab
    • Search jobs
    • Track jobs for which you have applied

Use LinkedIn to Broaden Your Network

Network on LinkedIn, reaching out to past colleagues or friends from school. Connect with people in your sector or in locations to which you hope to relocate. These Linkedin tips will help you gain the most out of your efforts.  For more LinkedIn tips, check out 3 Networking Questions to Ask on LinkedIn.

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