Be a Networking Savvy Finance Professional

Having the ability to take your networking introductions to the next level can accelerate your finance and accounting career.  While your technical skills may get your resume noticed, knowing how to network effectively can increase your recognition tenfold.  Being a networking savvy finance professional can be the road to career advancement.

How can you outshine your networking savvy competition?

Be Networking Savvy on Social Media

Social media has made building strong networks with a wider net even easier.  According to Investor’s Business Daily, financial professionals who use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook   gain an average of $4.9 million in assets under management (AUM). Stay in step using social media by:

  • Knowing your audience.
  • Investigating media use for gathering information.
  • Discerning optimum rates of use and prime days of the month or week to do so.
  • Use in-person networking sessions to inquire about others’ social media insights.
  • Adopting professional following practices.

Practice Networking Consistency

Networking, whether in-person or online, requires patience, practice and consistency. In other words, it takes discipline. Know what is enough and when you’ve drifted over to too much. Seek balance, assuring your time is well spent by:

  • Establishing the frequency and weekly schedule for social media networking activities.
  • Tracking results of media use.
  • Using social media networking to learn about in-person opportunities.
  • Adopting a regular schedule for attending face-to-face networking sessions.

Share Resources and Skills

Networking involves getting out there, either online or in a room with others, and doing so with purpose. Fortunately, as a finance consultant there’s plenty to share! You can:

  • Bring up sources of useful information.
  • Learn about methods being used by other financial consultants to promote practice.
  • Share sector trends and projections.
  • Discuss skills and knowledge.
  • Reflect on potential problems in the field and how to avoid them.
  • Find and discuss interests that you share.
  • Boost others’ confidence and ability to succeed.

Professional networking should be a constant work in progress. By following these networking tips, you will cultivate valuable connections who can help you throughout your finance and accounting career.