New Grads Need to Know About the Hiring Process

Graduating is an exciting prospect, but a more daunting challenge awaits these newly graduated individuals.  The Hiring Process! It can seem complicated to the uninitiated, so here are some pointers about job interviews that new grads should know.

  1. Learn About the Company

One of the worst things an interviewee can ask is, “What does this business do?” You should already know that before going in. A good idea is to look up a company’s information online or read trade journals. This will allow you to ask more informed questions.

  1. Ask Questions

Interviewers expect you to ask questions at the end of the meeting. Before going in, you should have, at least, two or three inquiries ready to go. Asking questions shows you are actually interested in getting the job.

  1. Show Your Enthusiasm for the Hiring Process

It is all right to show you are excited about getting the job. There is no need to be absolutely stoic. Feel free to smile and allow your enthusiasm to come across in your voice.

  1. Be Open to Entry-Level Positions

Many recently graduated students worry about only getting an entry-level job. It may not seem like the most exciting thing possible, but you should avoid judging a book by its cover. It may be entry-level now, but if you show your dedication, then you could quickly advance through the ranks.

  1. Follow Up

You are not done once the actual interview is over. You want to send a nice email thanking the interviewer for meeting with you. This final step shows you actively want this job. No note implies you lack any real interest.

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