Office Designs that Boost Productivity and Satisfaction


Employee retention, productivity, and satisfaction are foremost in every business owner’s mind. Miss on any of these success factors and profit margins sink. As does morale for employees who remain.  Up-to-date benefits and perks, plus managers who are adept with interpersonal skills, help with employee retention. Another area being touted as boosting both productivity and employee satisfaction: office designs.

Look into Office Design Results

As large, high profile corporations have moved toward elaborate, engineered spaces, there is the temptation to do likewise. Some are converting to primarily open spaces to encourage interaction. As it turns out, too much of a good thing can have mixed results. How is your leadership team going to select the right layout for your organization?

  • Consider the work functions of your various teams.
    • Do tasks require more collaborative or individual work?
    • What is the desired frequency of group-think time?
  • Look at design options that suit the work styles of different personalities and work styles.
    • Investigate the workspace needs of introverts, extroverts, and those who are a blend.
    • Consider the potential distractions of noise and lighting that may require other adaptations, such as headphone use.
    • Are there spaces for quiet minutes or a personal call?

Decide on Work Uses

Take a close look at what makes your team work well. Their days at the office can be long. Learning what makes staff feel respected contributes to engagement and productivity. Have managers and their teams describe what happens when:

  • Space and time allow them to have stimulating conversations.
  • Tasks require detail work with uninterrupted focus.
  • Employees have time for social interactions.

Is Noise Level Harming Productivity?

According to recent studies, productivity drops as much as 66% in a chaotic office filled with background noise.  Thankfully, there are ways to mitigate this. Acoustics can be adjusted through sound-absorbing ceiling tiles. Private offices can give employees quiet space that shuts out the distractions.  Consider the office layout, too. Are desks located near high-traffic areas where employees gather? Consider moving these desks closer to windows and/or farther from high traffic areas. Create barriers from the traffic for a more focused work environment.

Create Space and Policies for Varied Uses

Space design with varied use options supports work functions and individual preferences. Craft policies such as a headset or personal device use that contribute to productivity. Select Design elements that:

  • Offer convertible space to accommodate individual or small group use.
  • Bring employees together for spontaneous innovation sessions or casual conversation.
  • Allow for quiet time.
  • Add the benefits of natural light, walking space, and plant/garden areas.

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