Onboarding Functions of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just for the finance and accounting community. AI also has helpful functions within the Human Resource department. It can minimize HR’s onboarding tasks by automating the distribution of necessary paperwork.  Onboarding is a critical part of employee recruitment and the process should be made as convenient and effective as possible.  For many companies this is where AI steps in. AI can deliver necessary company policy documents and login information for programs or portals to new employees. AI can also track if a document has been read and capture electronic signatures, removing the need for HR to confirm this manually.

Review Materials Remotely

Use your time and new hires’ time effectively. Remote access of materials and resources can be done from anywhere, anytime. Not only does this free up time from mundane tasks, it lets you and new hires focus on the work at hand.

Consider the benefits of:

  • Reviewing employee packets online to assure they are complete.
  • Contacting new staff and their managers via email for any needed follow up.
  • Being able to track the efficiency of your AI ‘managed’ onboarding processes.

Keep Materials Current

Along with reducing drawers filled with paper files, AI systems mean that documents can be updated quickly. With regulations and requirements regularly changing at the local, state, and federal levels, this is a huge benefit.  Materials that are current send new employees the message that they have joined a progressive, proactive organization. That alone is one way to cultivate retention from the outset!

Questions Answered by AI

In addition handing out information packets, a chatbot is a good way to answer questions that come-up during a new-hires first few days.  New hires will have usually have questions about basic processes like connecting to the office WiFi, applying for PTO, or setting up their email account.  Chatbots allow new hires to ask for information as they need it instead of being overwhelmed by a deluge of information all at once. This helps reduce the time it takes for new hires to become productive.

Plan for Personal Time

Although AI is efficient, it lacks the personal touch that builds rapport and sense of place. New staff are eager to learn and get to work. Support their enthusiasm by being personally present during their onboarding days. Their time with you and people from various departments promotes engagement and the beginning of enduring relationships.

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