How to Overcome a Career Slump

A career slump can happen to the best and brightest of us. Your enthusiasm for work has faded, along with opportunity to advance your career. The feeling of being overcome by job ambivalence even finds its way into your personal life. Here are some ideas to overcome a career slump, giving your morale a boost in the process.

Teach a Class; Take a Class

Put your skills and interests to work for you. You may not think of yourself as a teacher, yet the ability is there for anything that you are passionate about. As you delve into teaching, you learn more about yourself and the subject. Perhaps it’s about bookkeeping for entrepreneurs or rock climbing for outdoor people. Let your slump take a backseat as you share skills with others.

Take a class to gain new skills and knowledge. Select a topic that expands career options, or something that fires up your enthusiasm. Either way, you’re sure to feel reinvigorated.

Engage in a Community Activity

Participate in your community. This can range from running for an elected office to volunteering with a community event or group. Doing so broadens your network as it gives your confidence a boost. Be sure to add it to your portfolio!

Request a Special Work Project

Step forward with that idea you have for workplace improvement. Making the commitment to something you value adds new meaning to your efforts. Your idea may be to implement practices that benefit employees. Or it may be how to boost customer relations. Watch as your actions make you feel more engaged.

Take a Well-Deserved Vacation

Plan a vacation that broadens your perspectives. Going someplace new, or vacationing in a different manner, opens you to new insights and life opportunities. Planning can be half the fun, offering you the unique vantage point of the armchair traveler. On the road, your view of your community and work gains clarity to bring you out of the slump.

Step Sideways From Your Career Slump

Take a lateral move to broaden career options. It may be within your current workplace, or with another. Select choices that offer you chances for skill development, such as delving into human resource management or another aspect of financial management. Choose one that offers meaning and moves that slump to the shadows.

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