Are Performance Reviews Necessary?

Ideally, a performance review is a measure of an employee’s growth and achievement over time.  When done correctly performance reviews can be both inspiring and performance enhancing.  However, performance reviews are often performed in a manner that kills motivation, if even done at all.

Issues with Performance Reviews

A study of thousands of employees reveals that only 29% know if they are performing as expected.  The issue is that employees may not know if they are meeting expectations until it is too late.  For this reason, annual performance reviews may not be enough.   Conducting frequent performance reviews will help keep your team stay on the right track.

Engage Employees in an Improved Performance Review Process

Employees who excel at their jobs are achievement focused. They want to know if they are meeting expectations. Their desire to succeed needs to be matched by your regularly checking in with them. Steps that are working for other organizations include:

  • Establishing a regular schedule for meeting with staff about work goals.
    Once a year isn’t enough to get a real-time sense of employee performance or satisfaction.
  • Giving feedback on employees’ achievement and areas for improvement.
    Letting your employees know where they are excelling will keep them motivated.  As well as,  encourage them to strengthen other areas that need improvement.
  • Asking employees what they need to succeed in their jobs.
    Not having the proper tools or training can impede even the most dedicated employee’s performance.
  • Goal Setting
    Setting achievable milestones helps to keep employees on track and feeling motivated.

Consider the above tips when reevaluating your performance review process.  Use them to promote success by effectively communicating with your team on a regular basis.  And keep in mind that valued employees are happy employees.


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