PMP Certification: What You Should Know

Earning your Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification may be exactly what you should do to take your skills and marketability to the next level. Gaining this qualification proves to potential employers or clients that you’ve successfully lead groups and teams in a project management capacity. It could be the very thing that makes you stand out from the crowd. PMP certification is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which is a non-profit focused on helping professionals in the project management consulting industry. This refined approach to project management allows individuals to hone in on their skills and even create new professional connections. Not to mention, having this certification can immediately boost your potential earnings by 5-10%. That is certainly substantial!

Program Requirements

In order to qualify for the PMP Certification, you must meet a small list of requirements. Those requirements are:

  • You must have a secondary degree.
  • You must have project management experience, which includes 35 hours of project management education and 7,500 hours of project management experience.


  • You must have a four-year degree and a minimum of three years of experience, including 3,500 hours of leading projects and 35 hours of education.

PMP Certification Exam

Of course, there is a comprehensive exam which you must complete after the program. The test includes 200 multiple-choice questions. This will require extensive studying and reviewing all the material provided to you throughout the program. There are official study programs created by PMI, but some students prefer to simply work together in a study group to prepare for the exam. Either way, this is a test you will absolutely need to study for in order to succeed.

Specs for Completing the Program

Once you have your certification, it is good for three years. You must earn and report 60 professional development units because this program is designed for continuing education professionals. Your certification will be renewed once you report the required units. Your credentials will be suspended for one year if you do not meet this requirement and then revoked if you fail to meet the requirements within that year.

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