Questions to Ask on Your 1st Day of a New Job

Starting a new job can be overwhelming.  You convinced your new employer that you are the right candidate for the position, but now it’s time to prove it. And a great way to start is asking the right questions.   Below are helpful questions you should ask your new employer on your first day:

Ask Questions about Onboarding Objectives

Companies vary with onboarding processes. Some are very specific with detailed objectives and benchmarks. Others are more laissez faire, completing the necessities at an irregular pace. Assure that you are completing required documentation, trainings, and introductions by:

  • Preparing questions about your new role for when you meet with your manager.
    • Ask if there are expectations that are not be included on the job description.
    • Does your manager have advice related to the position based on past experiences? Or perhaps there are hopes for the position if it is new to the organization.
  • Inquiring about orientation materials and dates for completion. This demonstrates your motivation and interest in addressing the preliminaries to move on to the work at hand.
  • Requesting opportunities to meet co-workers. This shows your interest in becoming part of the group, a positive soft skill.

Learn About Your Manager’s Preferences

Inquiring about your manager’s preferred modes of communication paves the way for clear communications and aligned expectations.  Points to touch on:

  • Is email, text, one-on-one, or phone preferred?
  • Do they prefer scheduled meetings?

Who Should I meet this week?

Begin forming alliances with key personnel immediately. Doing so will help you navigate your way to achieving your goals.  Often times, our successes or failures can be determined by the relationships we create.

Collect Insider Information

Workplaces have habits and particular insights that develop over time. Knowing these helps with being brought into the fold:

  • Insider jargon that has become shared workplace vocabulary.
  • Managers who are good mentors.
  • Parking particulars
  • Outfits to avoid on “dress down” days.

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