Recruiters Pick-up Where Job Boards Fall Short

If you’re on the hunt for your next career move in accounting and finance, you may be tempted to spend hours scrolling through job boards for job openings.  Unfortunately, these often end up as hours lost in space. However, recruiters are hired by employers to seek out the top talent in the accounting and finance industry to fill positions. Recruiters have connections to a network of companies and the ability to get your resume into the hands of hiring managers. Let’s take a closer look at how recruiters take the job hunt a step beyond search engines and how they not only find opportunities but match a suitable candidate to a position.

Stop Scrolling Job Boards and Start Applying

Job boards appear to be wonderful tools for those starting out on the job hunt. There are hundreds of websites which host boards and listings that can be an excellent resource for gauging the labor market and dominant industries in a region. However, listings found on these sites are typically wide-reaching and generate thousands of responses. As a result, the likelihood that your resume will even be seen by a hiring manager is extremely slim.

According to, many job coaches advise that one should not spend any more than 10 percent of the job hunt on a search engine. Any more than that and you’re likely wasting time pursuing a lost cause.

Recruiters to the Rescue

Working with a recruiter can offer a variety of benefits to job seekers. First of all, they are commissioned directly by companies looking to fill a vacancy quickly and effectively. Secondly, they hand-pick candidate resumes based on qualification, suitability and specialty. This means that candidates working with a recruiter already have an advantage in the application process. Both of these benefits increase the chances of meeting with employers and finding jobs that align with the candidates’ career goals.

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