Salary Range 101: What to Ask Your Recruiter

Finding a new job can be stressful. You probably have a million questions running through your mind at any given moment. Once a recruiter contacts you to schedule an interview, it’s time to collect your thoughts and prepare some questions. The interview isn’t just about the recruiter asking you questions–it’s an important opportunity to inquire about important details of the position. This includes salary range negotiation. Here’s a guideline for asking your recruiter about job pay.

When to Pop the Salary Range Question

It’s generally a good idea to get a basic feel for the position before asking about the salary range. After all, while salary is important, it shouldn’t be the sole motivating factor for getting the job. Go through the interview and see if the recruiter wants to schedule a second interview with someone in the organization. If the job sounds great so far and you want to move forward, try to find out the salary range before the second interview.

Ask your recruiter, “I’m looking forward to meet the team at [Company Name]. Are you the correct person to ask about the pay for this job?” Your recruiter might give you a general range, such as, “This job is in the $60,000-$6,500 range.” That’s fine for a first answer. Getting at least a general idea out on the table means you’ll save everyone’s time if you don’t end up liking the numbers. You can get the exact details further down the process if you’re satisfied with the range.

What Else to Ask

You might also want to ask, “What is the benefits package for this job?” While the starting salary range is important, you’ll also want to get all the details you can about bonuses and other perks. Does the job come with child care? Health insurance co-pay? Stock options? If any benefits are important to you, make sure you find out what the employer has to offer.

Don’t shy away from asking about salary and compensation. Know what you’re worth and what you look for in a job.

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