Things You Should Never Do After an Interview


The interview is over. You are left feeling hopeful. Now you are on to the follow-up phase. Time to review things you should never do after an interview.

Delay a Thank You or Letter of Interest After Your Interview

Send a concise, error-free message 24-36 hours after the interview.

  • Email assures your message is promptly received.
  • Send a personalized thank you to each interviewer.
  • Not sure what to include? Find a template to guide you.

Stay Away from a Social Media Review of Your Interview

  • It’s okay to let friends know about your interview, but limit comments to stating your hopefulness.
  • Another issue is linking with your interviewer.
  • When in doubt, ask your interviewer about the company’s preferred approach.

Disregard Follow-up Guidance

  • Pay attention to what is said about follow-up communication.
  • If follow-up is not discussed, ask the interviewer for guidance.
  • Stick to the preferred follow-up time frame—this shows interest in the job.
  • Follow-up calls made too soon or often may detract from your candidacy.

Avoid Making a Change in Anticipated Salary

  • You were interviewed based your suitability for the position, including wages.
  • Human resources personnel make offers based on the company’s pay scale ranges.
  • Consider the value of growth potential and learning opportunities in lieu of higher wages.

Forget to Contact References

  • Drop a quick text to your references.
  • Include the company and interviewer names.
  • Note the position you are seeking, highlighting why you are a good fit.

Put Your Eggs in One Basket

  • Do NOT decide to stop interviewing. The interview may not have gone as well you thought, or the company may decide to go another direction. With that in
    mind, if you have stopped interviewing you will have lost valuable time in your search.


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