Social Media: Things Prospective Employers Look For

Your resume tells prospective employers what skills you have, where you’ve worked previously and what level of education you’ve completed. More and more, hiring managers are turning to social networking sites to learn more about job candidates. In fact, 60 percent of employers research job applicants on social media sites. Here are three things employers look for when screening candidates’ social media profiles.

1.    Personality

Aside from seeking qualified applicants, many employers want to hire people they believe will mesh with their company’s culture. Hiring managers may steer clear of candidates they find to be overly argumentative or negative.

Today’s prospective employers are looking for well-rounded employees. Put your best foot forward by engaging in a meaningful way. Participate in social networking communities, particularly ones relevant to your desired career field, by joining discussions and sharing your knowledge.

2.    Communication

Workplace communication, or employees’ ability to convey information and ideas verbally and in writing is often essential to having smooth and effective business operations. Employers want workers they know can express their thoughts effectually and appropriately, and whom they can trust to write or speak in a professional manner.

It can be hard to tell how articulate people are based solely off their resumes. Through social media scanning, employers can identify how you communicate with others via writing, including your use of proper spelling and grammar. Avoid writing posts in “text talk” on more professional social media platforms, such as LinkedIn.

3.    Professionalism

As a part of your job duties, you may be interacting with people in a professional capacity, and thus, representing your prospective employer. Therefore, it stands to reason that hiring managers would give preference to candidates whose social media profiles portray a professional image.

Posts, photographs or other content that is provocative or inappropriate, as well as those about alcohol consumption or drug use, may be a turn off for employers. Hiring managers may see these things and question your reliability, integrity or ability to fit into their workplace.

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