To Be More Successful at Work, Do These Things

Life experiences have shown you that accomplishment involves several factors. Being successful goes far beyond being in the right place at the right time. It happens when you actively engage tried and true steps to achieve your goals. How many of these do you use?


1.     Active Listening

Focus fully on what’s being said. It means talking less, asking clarifying questions, and reflecting on what you heard. Effective listeners know when they should be speaking up, expanding dialogue or making solid suggestions.

2.     Stretch Yourself

Showing initiative and upgrading skills get noticed as these actions show motivation. When you’re ready to stretch, go for it! Attend a seminar. Volunteer for a new project.

3.     What Motivates Your Supervisor?

Along with knowing what your supervisor expects of employees, it helps to learn about her/his motivations, work interests, and workplace concerns. Knowing these supports your working relationship.

4.     Shape a Successful Dream Team

Being part of a well-functioning team leads to the success of each person and the group. You learn together. Honesty with kindness is the norm. Asking for assistance is a strength. Skills, talents, and successes are celebrated.

5.     Steer Clear of Gossip and Drama

Being successful means having energy for your work, wellness, and home. Drama and gossip are draining, especially over the long-term. You can get around these pitfalls by focusing on the job at hand, walking on your break, or excusing yourself from petty moments.

6.     Learn about Your Workplace

This takes you beyond the topics learned at orientation. Your workplace may have a long history, or a short one with a high degree of innovation. What is its long-range plan? What internal and external actions demonstrate its values? Acting on company values that align with your own leads to success.

7.     Do Things You Like

Work/life balance matters! What excites you when you’re not at work? It may be creative or physically active. Maybe it involves kids, family, pets, and friends. Making time for personal interests brings joy and balance to life, which in turn leads to success at work.


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