Supporting Employee Career Growth

Supporting employee career growth in regards to skill advancement and career development benefits your business by boosting engagement. Additionally, skill advancement is linked to improved business performance and success. A survey of over 2000 professional of varied levels in over 20 industries revealed that 73% of participants assessed a need to improve their skills. Here is how you can be part of the solution:

Show Interest in Employee Career Aspirations

Take time to meet with each employee to inquire about their career plans. It is a chance to get to know each person better, including their hopes to upgrade skills and work experiences. This step lets staff know you are interested in their professional futures. It also helps in planning for collective and individualized job training or continuing education benefits.

Encourage Work/Life Balance

Learning about employee career aspirations can touch on life plans. Your employees have family, friends, recreational interests, and avocational pursuits. It’s not necessary to know the particulars, though it is important to reinforce the benefit of life/work balance. Show staff you care by offering:

  • Flextime
  • Remote workdays
  • Worksite wellness options

Take Advantage of Cross-Training Strategies

Today’s cross-training is sophisticated, offering various strategies for upskilling staff. Equally important are the outcomes of improved collaboration, retention, and job satisfaction. Finance employees appreciate being able to improve their tech-savvy, interpersonal attributes, and management expertise. Rotate employees to gain experience and create mentoring opportunities. This results in cross-learning as staff from different departments share knowledge distinct to their roles.

This part of your work smart plan leads to:

  • Greater work capacity during intense times of the year like tax season.
  • Heightened internal capacity and longevity planning, encouraging retention of those with business history and high-level expertise.
  • A nimble workforce capable of quickly responding to expansion or external pressures.
  • Improved collaboration across departments due to a mutual appreciation for each other’s roles.

Keep Information Coming

Routinely inform your team regarding company plans, emerging trends in your sector, and the role of macroeconomic shifts in the industry. Staff will appreciate the respect this shows for them. And that is one more way to support employees.

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