Tips for Reaching Your Goals in 2019

Goals seem to be everywhere. They are in school, on the playing field, and definitely in the workplace. Goals can even overlap. Taking a course on finance supports professional development and personal goals. These tips are steps to follow, supporting your goal completion!

 1.     Show Your Goals

Make your goals visible. Write them on paper, make a sketch, or hang a handy photo. Chat with friends, family and coworkers about your goals. Hearing yourself chat about them lets you know if they are achievable. When you are ready, write one on paper. You do not need a date, just the words: My goal is to…

2.     One Step at a Time

Goals can seem daunting because you are looking at completion. The end. Between start and finish are tasks to fulfill. Each is a small goal. Begin by selecting the first few with a completion date for each. Guess what? After they are written down, you are ready moving toward your goal!

3.     Recruit Helpers

Goal help is everywhere. The hardest part can be asking. Recruit people who want you to succeed. Someone helped them succeed; supporting your dreams is paying it forward.

4.     Track Your Actions

Keep a simple log of your actions; what works or does not work. Use sticky notes, Instagram images, tweets, or a journal. Go with a style within your comfort zone. Just make sure you do it! Reviewing your action log helps with task/goal completion and planning future goals.

 5.     Review and Revise

After you have completed several goal steps, pause to review your progress. Were there necessary tasks you did not foresee? Did you meet any milestones ahead of time? This information helps you plan next steps.

6.     Lessons Learned

After your goal is met, use the review and revise approach to plan your next goal. Engage family, friends, or co-workers in the process. Their perspectives about your progress can add valuable insights.

 7.     Celebrate!

This is the finishing touch. It’s important to acknowledge all you have accomplished. Choose a way that is meaningful for you.


“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


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