Value Boosting Big Data Skills

There is a big gap between the demand and availability of accounting and financial professionals with big data skills. This trend promises to continue until the number of professionals who possess this complex know-how ramps up.

Big data is a specialized field, including positions from Data Scientist to Analytics Manager and Director of Analytics. The mid-salary range for financial and accounting executives with Big Data Skills is well over $100K in California. Having big data skills adds to your value and future potential.

Blending Tech with Soft Skills

Whether the focus is IT or finance and accounting, big data skills depend on analysis, communication, and strategic thinking.

Data Crunch Skills

Data is mined and extracted prior to analysis. This requires tech skills and software that offer the ability to gather and merge volumes of information across departments.

Big Data Skills Analysis

The numbers are before you. Looking for patterns is the essence of big data analysis. It requires an open, curious mind combined with the ability to review information from micro and macro perspectives. This is how to catch trends of varied sizes.

Operational Analysis

Matching big-picture thinking abilities with what the data reveals about business functions is the backbone of operational analysis. It compares machine output, or human resource performance, with organizational benchmarks. The ability to analyze data to improve production time and customer satisfaction is a boon across economic sectors.

Decision Analysis

Key intersection occurs when data is combined with models to predict outcomes, be it improved processes or cost reductions. Business leaders rely on this information for making key decisions about an organization’s direction and function.

Quality and Process Assurance

Improving processes requires an equal focus on quality assurances. Big data shows where processes can be streamlined as it highlights the qualities important to customers. Combine the ability to match the two and you demonstrate another big data skill.

Strategic Thinking and Delivery

Capitalize on your ability to vision and plan by merging that with a well-honed understanding of big data benefits. This places you in the position of crafting unique yet realistic business direction that offers topnotch delivery.

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