Writing a Captivating Professional Bio

In many ways, your professional bio is the very first impression that a potential employer will have about you. If you think that recruiters don’t check out an overview of you, then you are sadly mistaken. This gives them a brief overview without having to commit to an interview.  That being said, it’s critical that you learn how to write a captivating professional bio.

State Your Name

Don’t forget to include your name. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s absolutely critical that everybody knows who you are.

Use the Third Person

All professional bios are written in the third person. Meaning, instead of saying “I graduated at the top of my class,” you would instead say “John graduated at the top of his class.” This is a widely accepted style that indicates you are familiar with the norms in the professional market.

Include Accomplishments

This is not a time to be modest. You should absolutely discuss your accomplishments in a direct way so that people understand exactly how your efforts have paid off in your education, career, and volunteering endeavors.  Show that you are committed, driven, and can take on challenges.

Be a Little Personal

Of course, you don’t want to be wildly personal in your professional bio, but you should include a little bit of information outside of your career. This could be talking a little bit about the time you spend with your family, a favorite hobby, or even mentioning that you have a pet. This small gesture can instantly make you stand out from the rest.

Check for Errors

Don’t forget to check your professional bio for errors. Have someone proofread it for spelling, grammar, or other mistakes. If you include dates or details, then make sure those are accurate as well. Remember, this is your first impression—make sure that it’s a good one!

Finally, remember to make sure your bio evolves as you do.